ANTI-GRAFFITI range of products has been created to professionally protect mineral surfaces. Aqueous solutions are based on hydro-and oleo-phobic silane, which are practically free of volatile organic compounds and are used for waterproofing and protection against graffiti and dirt absorbent mineral substrates. Impregnation provides long-lasting protection against graffiti on properties of steam-permeable and highly resistant to weather.
- Facades of buildings;
- Walls and elements of concrete, brick;
- Paving stones;
- Clinker;
- The surfaces of polished stone (marble, granite, etc.).
ANTI-GRAFFITI due to its characteristics that don’t have any damaging substance that could change the building structure as a result of residual moisture and the surface structure remain neutral. The application of coatings on substrates ANTI-GRAFFITI also creates a steam-permeable layer, which is in contrast to products based on polyurethane or epoxy resin in a way that allows the unchanged "breathing".
ANTI-GRAFFITI product range includes:
1. ANTI-GRAFFITI AG - anti-graffiti protective coating;
2. ANTI-GRAFFITI PRIMER - Primer for the preparation of the coating ANTI-GRAFFITI AG;
3. ANTI-GRAFFITI GEL - cleaning formulation for removing graffiti.


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