What is NANOSTONE?  

NANOSTONE is the answer for those who want their stone to retain its original natural look, while at the same time require being resistant to dirt and the formation of stains. The impregnated surface loses the liquid permeability and is a barrier that substantially impedes the deposited any dirt, mud and dirt.

Why should you choose NANOSTONE products?

NANOSTONE is innovative technology designed to protect natural stone and concrete. In the interest of safety for human and animal health as well as the environment NANOSTONE products were created on the basis of water and silicon compounds - contain no solvents. They contain “intelligent” nano-materials which get into a chemical reaction with the protected surface creating a layer which is not “sticky” in any sense. By the reaction of molecules with the surface, a steam-permeable layer is created which protects stone and concrete against damaging factors. Application of nano-particles allows for full penetration of impregnation to the interior structure of stone or concrete which considerably increases the effectiveness of protection. NANOSTONE products do not change color or appearance of the protected surface.

NANOSTONE products are designed for all types of mineral surfaces such as:

- building facades made of concrete, sandstone, marble, granite, and brick, etc...
- Building interiors,
- Fences,
- Concrete elements,
- Monuments etc…


The use of NANOSTONE provides:


- Long-lasting protection and durability,

- Reducing the costs of renovation or maintenance, i.e. cleaning,
- Maintain the cleanliness up to 8 years.

More information about NANOSTONE products can be found under “Products and Adjust Product” section. We invite you to familiarize with the NANOSTONE offer.


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