The advantages of NANOSTONE:


The functions and outcomes of NANOSTONE:

- Protection against: dirt, soot, liquids, spots, moist, microorganisms, wax, etc;

- Long-lasting protection against erosion;

- Long-lasting “stay-clean” effect;

- Strong liquid pearling “lotus” effect;

- Super hydrophobic effect so called “lotus effect”, which does not allow dirt to set in;

- Long-lasting effect up to 20 years;

- Keeping the “breathing” effect of the protected surface- steam-permeability stays on the same level as before;

- High level of molecule penetration inside the structure of the substrate;

- Easiness of removing graffiti and other dirt cleaning;

- Prolonging attractive look of the surface for many years.


Economical Advantages:

- More economical application of cleaning liquids;

- Lengthening of cleaning cycles;

- Lengthening of product life;

- Lowering of renovation and painting costs.


Each of the Nanostone products protects against:

- UV radiation;

- High amplitudes of temperatures;

- Micro chipping and scratches;

- Moist and salt;

- Physical and chemical factors and microorganisms;


Visible effects of Nanostone:

- The color of the surface after application stays the same;

- Does not give polished effect;

- Does not give greasy or wet effect;

- Reduction of microorganism growth.


Other advantages:

- Easy and safe in storage, transportation and application;

- Safe for the environment - does not contain solvents;
- Safe for people and animals;

- Nonflammable, does not require to take precautions;

- VOCs free;
- Does not contain silicone, wax and oils.


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